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Artificial Turf Glendora

Artificial Turf Glendora

Are you interested in artificial turf in Glendora but would like to learn more about the benefits first? If so, meet Scott. Scott is a busy Glendora homeowner with no time or energy for lawn maintenance. However, he and his family want a beautiful outside space to enjoy their home life. What is Scott to do if he's not willing to water, care for, and maintain an attractive lawn? There's only one solution. Scott needs artificial turf from Rolhard Turf!

Artificial Turf is Handy and Practical

Rolhard Turf is the artificial turf experts in Glendora, and we offer a variety of landscape solutions for a variety of situations. Artificial turf is versatile and can be installed just about anywhere - in a courtyard, on a rooftop, in a bar, on concrete; pretty much anywhere your imagination can think of. Artificial grass is exceptionally handy, and the best part about artificial grass for Scott is that it is 100% maintenance-free. This means he will never have to trim or mow anything. It looks beautiful, lasts for many years, and never needs to be watered. This saves Scott time and money and provides his family with an attractive, fun, safe, and hypoallergenic place to relax and play. Problem solved!

Are You Excited About the Endless Applications of Artificial Turf?

The fact is; artificial turf is a great solution to many landscaping problems, and that is why Scott loves Rolhard Turf. For gorgeous, durable grass that never needs maintenance, you need artificial turf. Artificial Turf is great for concrete urban areas, apartment buildings and units, and more. At this point, you might be sold on the advantages of artificial turf, but you might also be wondering how it will look in your yard. After all, nobody wants artificial turf that looks artificial!

We Sell Not So Artificial Turf

At Rolhard Turf, we carry several different kinds of turf to provide a solution for each one of our clients' needs. If you're looking for turf for your yard, you probably want to use landscape thatch turf. This product is ideal for residential settings, playgrounds, and more. It is distinct from other artificial turf products in a number of ways.

When you look at the side profile of landscape thatch turf, there is an individual monofilament rising up out of the back of the product. On a residential material like this, the pile height will usually be between an inch and a half to two and a quarter inches. The height has a lot to do with mimicking the natural look of a lawn as does the density and the color of the material. The thatch fiber is usually brown, which mimics the natural color of grass. If it were all green or one solid color, the turf would look too artificial.

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If you're ready to transform your lawn and make your life easier for years to come, then you're ready for artificial turf. Contact us today for the best artificial turf in Glendora. Whether you need turf products or installation, or both, we're here to help. Give us a call or send us an email, and we'll be in touch in a jiffy.

Artificial Turf Glendora
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