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Artificial Turf Claremont

Artificial Turf Claremont

If you need artificial turf in Claremont, Rolhard Turf is a trusted residential and commercial artificial turf retailer and installer you can trust. We provide artificial turf for homes, business, and gardens. Whether you need a synthetic putting green, a synthetic grass dog run, or no-maintenance yard at home, we've got you covered - literally. We will provide you with whatever kind of turf and however much turf you need at a guaranteed low price. We'll gladly come to your Claremont home or establishment and install it for you.

How to Install Artificial Turf by Yourself

For the do-it-yourselfers, artificial turf can be installed without a professional. Of course, for you to see the best results, we recommend you have one of our experts install it for you.
Your grass will need to be dug up so that only the topsoil is left. After digging out the area you want to install your turf in, you need to edge the area. This can be done with timber, concrete, brick, or even metal edging systems, such as EverEdge. The edge should be level.

Next, you will need to lay your base. If your space needs building up more than 50 mil, you will need an initial layer of heavy gauge type 1 which should be raked and leveled. It all must be compacted. In most cases, a 40-60 mil single layer of fine type 1 or similar will suffice. Compact it and spray it with water to keep the dust down and to help the base material of the turf to bind. To prevent weeds from coming threw, make sure you lay down a weed membrane over the entire area. Now you're ready to lay the turf.

Laying the Turf

Roll out the artificial turf ensuring all sides overlap the area. With all the turf rolled out, you should leave it for an hour to enable the turf to climatize and settle. In spots where the turf is to be joined, fold back the edges, and counting inward four stitches carefully, cut between the fourth and the fifth stitch lines. Bring the adjoining pieces together to test the joints. You're looking for a consistent one to two-mil gap between the pieces and an invisible seam when viewed from afar.

When you're happy with the joint, fold back the edges and roll out the jointing tape between the joints, shiny side down. Apply adhesive down the length of the joint and carefully work your way along the joint, folding the turf back onto the tape. Once all of the turf is folded down, press the joint by walking along it a few times. Next, cut the edges to finish. Take your time here to ensure a tight fit against edges and obstacles.

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Artificial Turf Claremont
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